d u f f

Finally, I am a Master of Intellectual Property Law.

After three years. Yep, three straight years. I've always been wondering why post-graduate students sometimes do not make it just in two years, what could be so hard in writing the thesis, but BAM! It happened to me.

I could not make it in the first semester due to the late assignment of lecturer-in-charge. He was assigned on April while the last presentation would be on June or July. I believed I would not make it just in three months, especially because I have lost all the mood and thrills, also I got a lot to do at workplace.

I almost made it in the second semester, but then a loss happened. A big, sudden loss I never experienced, ever. I mean, this sort of loss happened several times, but they never affected me since as you see, I am not sort of a person easily attached to things, to people. But this one loss affected me. Like...

I don't even want to talk about what kind of loss it is. I never do.

So, I decided to give up on that semester and just tried to recover myself by drawing and drawing so much. I even had my debut at a comic market event, the 12th Comic Frontier or Comifuro 12, since I had a lot of drawings scattered so I thought why didn't I just make them into fan-merchandises and sell them. Turns out that the selling was better than expected. I didn't know there are people in this country beside me who would pay enough attention to Marvel's Venom.

In the third semester, I started to think that I don't want to pay a big amount of money anymore to the campus so I started writing. Actually, maybe, the writing itself does not really take three semesters, I can even make some revisions just in two days, but to find the mood was a hard work, really -_- good thing I finally made it. 

And actually, I heard from a friend that my ex lover is currently studying business law in the same campus with mine. When I heard it, I started calculating when he would graduate and whether we would meet at the graduation ceremony. Since I am bad at math (and everything else), I was terrified and finally found another reason to just finish the thesis and graduate. When everything was done, I tried calculating again and found out that actually we would never meet at the ceremony. My last chance to finish the study is the next semester, means I must be graduating by January 2020 or I would got dropped out. Meanwhile, he is a student of class 2018 and the earliest graduation for him is still in July 2020. Not to mention I still do not want to pay more money to the campus, that I'd rather use that amount to go traveling.

Besides, so what if we met? He didn't even pay for my ceremony :p

Still, I do not want to see him. Not anywhere, not especially in the ceremony. The only place where I want to see him is on my screens.

As one of my children, Daffi R. Zainal.

Well then, until the ceremony.