Mini-blogs and Attitude

Hello readers! Ahhh it's been a long time since the last post. Well, now, I won't write about Adam Lambert again, I know you start getting sick with such topic haha.

So, what actually makes BLOG become not so popular compared to yesterdays is...please welcome: MINI-BLOG! We maybe are more used to call it TWITTER or PLURK or...is there any other mini-blog websites? You can tell me if you find some.

Nowadays, I found how Twitter becomes so popular more than Plurk. The reason might be (or I can say MUST BE) so many celebrities are using Twitter. They share their minds and activities with fans and some celeb fellows. They gain sooo many followers while they don't have to follow them back. The more popular they are, the more followers they'll get.

Plurk, in the other hand, is also unique and interesting. That is why Plurk still has its faithful users haha, including me. While in Twitter we can only tweet and pushed to make our own emoticon, Plurk has provided cute and unique emoticons for the users. Furthermore, Plurk has born long before Twitter was.

In Plurk, attitude problem is never a real center of attention, unlike in Twitter. Why? Errr I don't really know why, but looks like Plurk user has better attitude. Maybe because we can skip or not-reading other user's Plurk, so that everything's okay. But in Twitter, everything comes to our timeline.

The attitude problem comes when a Tweep (yes this is how Twitter users are usually called) don't seem to know the differences between REPLY and RETWEET. When it happens, a Tweep can fill our timeline with his/her own REPLIES using RETWEET. Say, who cares about what they're talking with their friends?! They can use REPLY so that the conversation won't appear to followers' timeline. if they were afraid friends might forget what the conversation is about, they can use RE. Like:
@fitriaridzikita @adamlambert oh yeah, you're gonna make the tour likewise. Re: Glampy Tour.
See? very easy! Unless you think that your conversation is important for your followers, you can Retweet. But make sure that your Retweet is really IMPORTANT.

Next, what I'd so like to say is the complicity of Plurkies' or Tweeps' mind. Here, when they hate or dislike other people's plurks/tweets, they yell, moan, whine, and doing anything like Psychopath during their plurking/tweeting time. But they never said it to the people they pointed at! They yell and moan as if the people never realized of what they grumbled there. They even harshly insulted with inappropriate uneducated words. Oh geez, I think it's an open-minded era, why should acting like turtle in a cave? If you don't like it, just MUTE or UNFOLLOW it! Don't make things become more complicated. Life alone has been too complicated.

Well, whether you can apply the rules or not, it all comes back to you.