It's A Brand New Day and I'm A Lawyer!

So, where should I start this story?

I finally officially resigned from my previous office. My resignation date was supposed to be November 8 due to my letter dated on October 8. But I took a week off, so that I haven't been working there since November.

Since last year, when I know I'd reach the first year in previous office, I have known that I must quit. I have applied jobs to anywhere I could apply, every company, firm, and institution that opened recruitment. But I never was accepted. I never passed any tests. It made me stay longer in that previous office until more than a year then.

I was almost accepted in a law firm nearby. But I'm not enough convinced since they never called me back no more. They seemed to be busy with their office movement to somewhere in South Jakarta. I also considered that movement, because they picked a place that was so far from my house. So I never contacted them no more, the way they never did to me.

Time just went by, I applied, had tests, and so on. But I never was accepted nowhere, still. Day by day I was more convinced to leave the office. I told everyone that I was going to leave soon after I got a new job.

Being rejected everywhere, I finally realized to look closer around me. I remembered my previous office has a tenant which is a law firm. I knew then, why don't I find out whether they need new staff or not? I can probably apply there. And if I were accepted, it'd be good since I don't have to go any further.

I really found out by an ex-colleague's help. That firm really was in need of new staff (I don't know the name, paralegal, associate, whatever). So I applied, I had an interview, and I was welcomed. Probably because the partner had known me when he made the rent contract. There was no such thing like legal/law test, I was only required TOEFL. Then I took EPT at LIA near my house (damn, the price was so high -_-). I was kinda unsure with the result since I was not good in the reading passage part. My vocabulary really is terrible, that is why.

I took the test result, and I think I got bad score. I got lower score than the last time I took EPT, but what can I say? I submitted the certificate helplessly to that firm and waited for the call.

I was told that the decision would be informed by the next day. So, I waited all day. It felt so long, I even asked my ex-colleague to find out whether I was accepted or not, and the answer was still that I have to wait. I waited and waited, I had lunch, and my phone looked like moved! I picked it enthusiastically and...DAMN, that was just a little move because the phone was on a slick place! Being upset, I continued eating my lunch.

Then in about 2pm, I got a phone call from...that Firm!!! I was excitedly picked it while leaving my desk, went to somewhere behind the room. I talked on the phone and...yes, I WAS ACCEPTED! I was told to start work in November because they considered my one-month notice resignation.

I told my boss that I must say goodbye to the previous office, and she understood. I wrote the resignation letter by the next day and gave it to HRD. Before I left, the previous office has hired a new legal staff, now male. I suppose he's a good one, diligent, and responsible. Better than me, I guess, since his experience was a-year working in a law firm.

Then, when November came, I came to this office! I am finally a lawyer! Of course not today, but I am stepping to be a lawyer. I am back to the lawyering world. I am back to an old dream I ever dreamed when I was younger. In the end I just can never forget that dream. I ever gave up, but I stood up and fight again.

I am kinda surprised because everything was so fast to learn in this new office. I have been to court (again, finally) in my 2nd day. I was asked to compose a legal opinion for a bank in my 4th day. Whoa! But says who I don't enjoy everything? I do enjoy this! I even want more jobs and things to learn. I wish I've found a job that I could love, since this is my dream. So happy and blushing when I told my friends I am now a (future's) lawyer, and they said 'well, congratulations, you're gonna have some fun since you've always dreamed to be a lawyer.'

It's a brand new day, I'm feeling good, and I'm a lawyer! \(^o^)/