I Have A Dream

Do you have a dream?

I think everyone does. Even them whose dreams had been true. That's one way of how human survives, by dreaming. By not stopping to dream, everyday we find new things to do, to develop. We learn new things. Even the smallest and simplest thing that other people claim as 'not important.'

So, what's your dream?

Mine is being a lawyer, a wife, and a mother. I'm stepping stones to reach those, and everyday I learn new things. I get new challenges. I haven't been those at all, but since I'm on my way there, I don't feel enough to have only those dreams. So I try looking for new things and I naturally find them.

So this is it. I went on a date with a cute guy on September 20, 2010. I always wanted to treasure that moment no matter how, and I also found Taylor Swift's Today Was A Fairytale as the theme song for that day LOL...I know that's silly, and I don't even get him mine. But I just want to treasure that moment, put it in a box and keep it.

Then I was playing Tumblr. I tracked some doodles and I found cute doodles. I found them in perfect colors and shapes, too cute to miss. How I adore them who drew those little pictures. But I also found out that most of them use tablet to draw, that's why they can draw perfect lines without screwing on it. Some of them also use a painting tool on PC but I found it hard to use it especially the coloring. So, since I can't afford a tablet yet, and am unable to use that new-painting-tool, I try to go back to MS Paint.

Yes, MS Paint. I also drew some avatars for my social accounts using that old tool :D

I found some doodlers who post their pictures in Tumblr quoted song lyrics and drew them. I think it was brilliant, furthermore they drew cute pictures too. I ever asked them to quote 'today was a fairytale, I wore a dress, you wore a dark gray t-shirt' and draw it, but they said they didn't do requests :(

Well, since all the doors are closed, why don't I just open one door by my hands?

I can draw. I can use MS Paint. No tablet? No problem. Can't use paint tool? No problem. My pictures are screwed and not good? Practice! So I started doodling with pencil on papers first, put colors with markers, take pictures, and post them in social networks. I guess it kinda worked, some people loved it and gave compliment. But since I can't keep on taking pictures, I try doodling with MS Paint. Smaller pictures than my avatars, more difficult to do. I found it hard to draw straight lines, seriously, but I didn't stop.

You know, I somehow love drawing. Like writing poems and novels, drawing is like a part of me. I have been doing it since I was a kid, and it really is a great thing to do in leisure times. But don't get me wrong, drawing is NOT my passion. It's just a hobby. I don't draw to make money, I don't want it to be a job. That was why I went to law school instead of design school, because my passion is law (or litigation maybe, in short).

Back to topic, so I doodled 'today was a fairytale, I wore a dress, you wore a dark gray t-shirt' with pencil on paper. Feeling not satisfied, I tried doodling it in MS Paint, and this is it...


I know it wasn't a good doodle, it's screwed in so many places. But I am enough proud that I made it. My dream has been true! HA-HA! I know it's lame, but I really dreamed to draw 'today was a fairytale, I wore a dress you wore a dark gray t-shirt' with my own hands. And I have made it true. And I'm enough satisfied. I colored the clothes with the same colors that I and that cute guy wore in September 20, 2010. I could even draw the optical glasses for the guy, YAY! I'm awesome! LOL!

Here it is. Those doodlers in Tumblr are extraordinary. They created good things using complete tools and did their best, my hats are off for them. But don't make limited tools stand on your way. Don't stop dreaming, and don't stop trying hard to reach it. Even with limited tools, you must be able to do something, although it's smaller and simpler. But it's okay. And remember, practice always makes perfect.

I want to be extraordinary. And extraordinary people do their best even with limited tools. That's what I want to be :)

Don't stop dreaming!