It's Not A Shame!

Do you have an annoying friend, who's whenever he/she talks to you, he/she always asks to be introduced to your male/female friends to be dated?

I have. And I found this condition annoying.

It just happened to me not so long ago, maybe an hour ago. A male friend talked to me in Yahoo Messenger and after 'licking my ass' by asking what I'm doing now, he started with that 'please introduce me to your female colleagues' and 'please introduce me to your other girls' shit.

I don't mean to spread hate nor negativity in this post, no. But it's been happening so many times and I hope to get rid of it. The problem is how do I tell him to stop? It will sound very negative like I'm not helpful, or worse, like I don't wanna be his friend no more. So I decide to never tell him that way.

The point is: why do we have to be so pushy about finding life-partner? what is wrong with staying single for a while? what's to be afraid with that? is it that scary if we don't date anyone, even for some months, some years? is it shameful?

If we think it's kinda shameful to be single, then we don't deserve anyone to be dated. Yeah. Because it means we don't date someone because we love that person. It's because we don't like being ashamed. It's because we don't want people point their fingers to us and say 'ha-ha, you're single, that's so pitiful!'

There's nothing wrong with being single. It's so much better than staying with wrong person, or worse, with someone you don't even love. I know love is about growing, but it doesn't mean we MUST give every chance to everyone. We have right to choose. We have right to say 'no' to people we don't want. And if there are dumb people saying we are too picky, then WHY? Nothing wrong with being picky. It's something very personal. It won't affect anyone else but the picky person him/herself. Besides, in choosing life-partner or person to date, we don't PICK EVERYONE, right?

So, stop being forceful. I don't see the fun in that. Why don't we live our live happily, doing things we love to do, having a passionate job, caring for people we love, and making ourselves happy? We can do them all while waiting for the right person to marry or to date. Just enjoy the time. Being single is somehow worth it. It's not a shame. It never is.

And you can't hurry love. You can never.


Indonesia Can Make It

Have you ever noticed Indonesia by comparing it to other countries?

I have. And here is my analysis.

I am so very sad to see Indonesia's TV load. Look at those miserable dumb TV series and reality shows. And don't forget the talent contest that annoy us. Why can't people in TV make better programs? Don't they have better ideas?

I believe we, Indonesian people, are creative and talented. We still have great ideas in art, technology, and other majors. I believe we all can be great inventors and artists. But where are we, who have such hidden talents?

If they who have real talent are hired by TV to make good programs, I think it's no more impossible that TV Series in Indonesia are no more crappy like Cinta Fitri, Putri yang Tertukar, or worse, Supergirl. I believe we'll have great TV series like Hollywood's How I Met Your Mother or Parenthood, like Korea's Full House or Princess Hours, like Japan's Yamada Taro Monogatari, like else.

So why don't you, TV people, watch and learn from those foreign series?

I feel so pitiful to see Indonesian musician/singer/whatever it's called nowadays. They are so LACK of VOCAL quality. That's why they keep on doing lipsync when performing on live music programs. So pitiful, they can't sing, even compose lame songs, but they record albums. They RECORD albums, OMG.

Where are they, singers from talent contests who have awesome, amazing vocals? Why don't they record albums? They even deserve stage a lot more than trashy 'musicians' who can only do lipsync with their lame songs.

I believe Indonesian music will go international if we record albums only from qualified singers. They won't put us in shame if their songs are in chart outside Indonesia. They won't embarrass us when they perform live because they have amazing vocal and won't do lipsync. I do believe.

And, did you notice Japan's Sanrio or Hollywood's Disney? They have OMG ASDGFJSKA superb brilliantly amazing CUTE CUTE characters!!! And what do they do with that? They make the TV films, movies, and sell the cute cute merchandises. I keep envying them who have created such amazing things. So many characters with different shapes and names, and different stories.

Can't Indonesia make it? I believe we can. We have so many amazing illustrators and cartoonist. We have so many people who can create characters. We have a lot of creative people.

I don't make fun with this, seriously. When I went to design school, before I was accepted in law school, I was shown the seniors' works and I was like o_O. They created characters, cartoons, and the pictures were moving. I was o_O and :O when watching them moving and thought design wasn't my place because I won't let myself pushed to create such amazing moving pictures. I mean it's not my passion. But I will never forget that o_O experience, that made me believe how Indonesia have big assets: the talented people.

So why don't this country explore its people's talent? Why don't they search people with pure talent, not them with half talent? Why can't producers pay high for good creations, not trash? Why can't this country help paying these talented people's needs and on the contrary they will give their best creations to this country?

I don't understand why producers, or whatever it's called, want to pay so high for trash. For anything that's not artistic at all. But I somehow hope there are still some sane people who will realize, soon, that this condition is terrible. I hope they can turn everything bad into good. From trash into something precious. And if they need my support, I will try my best to give them. Ah but, right now, maybe not financially. LOL

Do you believe we can make it?

I believe.